NAP New Member Alert : Daygard logistics

Established in 2003, Daygard was founded with a primary focus on managing imports from China. By 2004, Daygard Logistics had expanded its operations to include imports and exports from various regions, with a team of over 60 individuals at its London headquarters. Over the years, the Daygard Logistics Group has grown into one of the UK’s largest independent NVOCCs, covering all major trade lanes and offering direct weekly services. Daygard emphasizes controlling cargo terms in the UK, resulting in better management of client charges through the FMI and CMI brands.

Daygard Logistics is well-positioned for the air freight arena, being IATA registered and leveraging their deep expertise and knowledge within the freight industry. They specialize in import and export markets such as the USA, Canada, Far East, China, India, and the UAE, collaborating with major airlines on these routes. Daygard Logistics is committed to providing comprehensive air freight consolidation services for imports and exports to/from the USA, Canada, Far East, China, India, and the UAE. Their extensive volume allows them to offer competitive rates, and they are actively exploring opportunities to enhance their general air freight forwarding capabilities across their network. Daygard’s vision is to lead the industry by delivering total customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, a skilled workforce, and innovative IT solutions.